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Donate to The Chicken Runs at Midnight, Babe’s Bash and the Canuso Foundation, which is dedicated to alleviate the many burdens that cancer thrusts upon families – by helping them with day-to-day necessities or long-term goals and by restoring hope for the future.

Donate to Babe’s Kids, a separate division of The Canuso Foundation. It’s a “for kids by kids” organization that helps brighten the lives of children who are coping with childhood cancer, serious illness, or disabilities.

Donate to the Villanova Scholarship Program. Help Villanovans by providing scholarship funds to students affected by cancer or other catastrophic illness.

Donate to Level at Villanova. Students changing the way people see ability! Level wants to change the Campus Community Interaction to be all inclusive.

Please include where to send the donation on the donation form: The Chicken Runs at Midnight, Babe’s Bash, Babe’s Kids, The Villanova Scholarship Program or Level at Villanova

Babe’s Prayer

Many years ago I was born into a home with much love and happiness.

A joyful childhood was interrupted, and almost ended, by a dreaded disease.

The love and faith, care and goodness, of family and friends led me beyond myself and my own disease into a life that so enjoyed loving and caring for others.

From the illness, dreams have been borne and homes have been built for children who remind me so much of myself in years gone by.

There is still much to do with the dreams that remain for all you who still care.

For so long you prayed for me.

Now I am with the Lord and am praying for you.

May you continue the dream you first taught me.

Your love and healing, your faith and your care was a gift to me.

Now it is your legacy to share.

Remember me in the smiles of my children, the laughter of friends, the prayers at the altar, the rainbows that never end.